Dedicated to help industries reduce their carbon footprint and meet their sustainability goals.


We provide advisory services to develop and finance behind-the-meter or front-of-the-meter renewable energy projects.

Our mission is to support owners and operators of commercial or industrial facilities to:
- Secure cheaper electricity, with price visibility & stability;
- Respond to increasing need for reliability and self-security of electricity supply;
- Reach renewable energy targets, reducing greenhouse gas emissions & dependency on fossil fuel.

Our projects typically deliver Energy-as-a-Service to Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers. Equipment primarily include a solar PV plant coupled with a battery energy storage system and a 20 years project lifetime. Equipment are supplied by Tier-1 technology providers.
Projects can be designed with a minimal upfront capital cost requirement: all services would be bundled into a single long-term Energy-as-a-Service agreement, with performance guarantees backed by a strong balance sheet.

We serve large, small and middle-sized public or private companies with manufacturing, mining & extraction, warehousing & logistics, agricultural, hospitality, healthcare or educational activities, as well as local project developers.

Value Propositions

Maximise integration of on-site renewable energy (self-consumption / net metering)
Improve power quality to prevent production losses
Reduce cost with tariff arbitrage & demand charge management (peak load shaving / shifting)
Reduce reliance on diesel consumption (back-up power or offgrid site)
Ensure power quality when connected to intermittent grid or with insufficient grid power
Secure a long-term competitive supply of electricity


On-grid projects

Off-grid projects