All-inclusive beach resort hotel, Caribbean

Reducing annual cost of electricity and heat by 15%
Increase reliability of steam and cold water supply
Remove reliance from local energy supplier

  • Permitting roadblock for on-site solar plant above 1 MWp size
  • Unreliable steam supply.
  • Total annual thermal load: 75 GWh
  • Total annual electricity load: 36 GWh
  • Secure a reliable high quality heat/steam supply.
  • Secure a long-term reduction in cost of electricity.
  • Equipments owned by the hotel owner-and-operator.
  • 6 MWp solar power plant.
  • 2.7 MWh battery energy storage system.
  • 4x 2.5 MWe CHP units.
  • 10 years Power Service Agreement yielding to a reduction in total cost of energy of 15%.